Will VS. Trust: Is One Better Than the Other?

What are the differences between a Will and a Trust? Which one is better for California homeonwers? 


May 10th, 2024

  • How to handle a listing in a Will
  • How to handle a listing in a Trust
  • Which avoids governmental Medi-Cal recovery?
  • California Trust & Will requirements
  • Who needs a Trust instead of a Will?
  • The Pros and Cons of a Will vs. Trust
  • Does a Trust supersede a Will in California?

Presented by Attorney and Author of C.A.R.'s Certified Probate Certification Course Paul Horn

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Here's What Real Estate Professionals Have to Say About Paul's Classes

Mr. Horn is simply the best when it comes to Trust and Probate Information. I’ve attended several of his classes and each time walked away with new knowledge so that I can better serve and educate my clients.

Jeannine B.

There is no one more knowledgeable than Paul when it comes to Probate attorneys. I have attended his classes many times and appreciate him sharing his knowledge about probate to me as Realtor to help people and avoid probate when possible!

Myron A.
Redondo Beach

Paul Horn is GREAT!! I have learned so much from Mr. Horn. His classes are very helpful, in fact, I’ve been to 3 of his classes and I will probably go to more. Every time I go I learn something new!

Mardie R.

Paul Horn is a great instructor and is very knowledgeable in the probate field. He has a way of training that is informative and inspirational. I highly recommend his services.

James B.

Attended a Probate Webinar given by Mr. Paul Horn today. It was very informative, entertaining, and worth so much more than the cost. I look forward to working with Mr. Horn in the future and attending more webinars.

Kat B.

I just attended Paul Horn’s probate class his knowledge, professionalism, enthusiasm about probate is uncanny… I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I have other classes before but after the class I felt I did not learn a thing. Since completing his class I’m tailoring my practice to probates. I feel I can do well here based upon my knowledge I learned from Paul Horn.

Rolanda P.
Los Angeles

I recently took Mr. Horn’s webinar on Probate and I can tell you that was the absolute best $5 I have ever spent in my 42 years. The 2 1/2 hours (he provided 30 extra minutes of instructions) was jam-packed with valuable info on not only probate law, but also on trusts and estate planning. My parents are getting up there in age, so the extra tidbits were a pleasant bonus! Most seminars, especially webinars, I’ve attended are really boring and the presenter is dry. Not Mr. Paul Horn, his delivery is energetic and fun, it made the entire time pass by so quickly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney for their probate, trusts, and/or estate planning needs!

Ceejay D.
Los Angeles

If you’re a real estate pro who wants to learn the basic and advanced laws of probate and trust, take Paul Horn’s class, Probate, Trust & Asset Protection! This class was jam-packed with profitable information and very interactive. I left his webinar, confident in my ability to handle a probate real estate transaction from start to finish. Show me another top lawyer who will teach you probate, answer your questions, and make it fun! I recommend Paul’s webinar to all real estate pros!

Ilona H.
West Covina

I have taken 2 seminars with Paul Horn and every time he gave us very helpful information about the probate process. Paul has tremendous knowledge in this business and I will not hesitate in calling him when my clients need this helpful information. Thank you Paul for giving me a refresher on Probate law.

Dora P.

Paul is one of the BEST probate attorneys! Not only does he know what he’s doing, but he breaks everything down in a way that you can fully understand! You will not walk away from any conversation with Paul without gaining knowledge. The delivery of his wisdom includes witty banter that will have you cracking up which is another way for you to retain the info because it was so funny you want to share it with others! Paul is the person you want to represent you! Hands down!

Jackie W.
Los Angeles

Paul is a true leader of the community. During the time of economic uncertainty he has brought many small business owners and community members together, leading with resources and education for us to share with our clientele and other community leaders and members. Together we will all persevere.

Shannon P.

Excellent class, you will learn all you need to know from Paul’s class. Paul is very knowledgeable and will answer all your questions and give you different scenarios so you can understand. I would recommend Paul to all my family, friends and clients!!

Suzie H.

I attended Paul’s probate course at OCAR and it was one of the best classes yet. At the end of the 3-hour course, I felt like I learned a tremendous amount of information on the probate process and that I can add much more value to my clients. He delivered the information in a charismatic, logical, and sometimes humorous way, which made learning about probate actually enjoyable.

Chet T.
Huntington Beach

Paul offers an in-depth webinar regarding probate for Realtors which was excellent and informative. I have been putting this off for several years and finally, I wish I had done this sooner. You will love this training!

Nan F.
Long Beach

I’m a Realtor and have been taking classes from Paul Horn for many years. I’ve helped MANY clients who didn’t use his services for their trusts or probates. It was NOT a smooth transaction. If, during your time of grief, you want things to be done in the easiest manner possible for your family I strongly suggest his services. He is the quintessential pro and does things in a way that respects all parties.

Alan G.

Very knowledgeable and experienced. Paul hosts seminars for real estate agents. After the seminar, I had learned so much. His makes it easy to understand the probate process. He should be your go-to person if you need professional assistance in probate.

Shelby W.

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